If your passion is cancer research . . .
and specifically brain cancer research -

Join Us for the 16th Annual Race For Research
September 19, 2015
Central Park @ Atlantic Station
 Atlanta, GA
 Race registration Opens soon but fundraising begins now -

The Central Brain Tumor Registry of the US (CBTRUS) tells us there are more than 120 types of brain tumors and an estimated 68,470 new cases of primary brain and CNS tumors will be diagnosed this year.  They further tell us an estimated 23,180 adults will be diagnosed with a malignant tumor!  

These statistics become a call to action for those of us who are touched by a brain tumor diagnosis. They are also a call to action for the researchers who are continually working to make discoveries that lead to new and better treatments.  As a research scientist and a neurosurgeon who treats brain tumor patients, I can fully attest to the urgent need to put a stop on this disease.   

Most of you who are visiting this website are our longtime supporters.  You are the individuals who have helped us to advance brain tumor research. You enabled us to launch our research grant program in 2005 and have enabled us to continue this program for the past fifteen years.  You provided hope of finding a cure for brain tumors and you continue to help us garner much needed support from the local community.  You understand it often takes from 15-25 years to move from the discovery made in the research lab, to its clinical application in people.  You are making a difference.

Did you know a  research grant, partially funded by the SBTF back in 2006, continues to make strides?  It's true, funding received from the SBTF back in 2006 was an important research stepping stone which has led to the advancement of the project today.  This year marks the 16th annual Race for Research.  The success of this event will enable us to award research grant awards for the 16th consecutive year and will enable us to continue our work to find a cure for brain tumors.  

We again anticipate a crowd of nearly 2,000 individuals on race day.  Our 5K race occurs on a certified course, is a timed event, and is recognized by the Run and See Georgia series.  Awards are issued for the top 3 finishers in all categories.  The 2K fun-run, tot-trot, and family activities also provide a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.  For some, stepping across that finish line means winning a race against a life altering disease.  

Your tireless fundraising efforts in support of brain tumor research lead to pivitol lifesaving outcomes for brain tumor patients and their families.    

Thank you for all you do -

Costas Hadjipanayis, MD, Ph.D.
2015 President, SBTF Board of Directors
Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation