The 18th Annual Race For Research

Karen Herman - Mom, Nana, Wife and Cancer Warrior!
Karen Herman - Mom, Nana, Wife and Cancer Warrior!

Karen's Legacy

11 years

of participation in 

Race for Research!


In 10 years, we raised $142,000 in support of brain tumor research.  This is due to your support & your shared passion.  Thank you!


This marks our 11th year of fundraising in support of brain tumor research.  Last year our collective fundraising efforts earned us an opportunity to name a research award grant after Karen.  Yes, the Karen Herman Memorial Award was issued in 2016 to Dr. Yiping He of Duke University.  His research study is ongoing and a final report due by January 2018.  We'll be sure to send you an update of that research which was made possible because of our shared passion. 

Hard to believe that is was ten years ago (August 14, 2007) that our family lost Karen to a malignant brain tumor.  A wonderful mom, wife, and "Nana.", she was a loving and caring person who always concerned herself for the needs of others.  As she faced the devastating news of brain cancer, her concern was not for herself, but rather her family and all those who would follow her in their battle with brain cancer.  Her wish for her legacy was that our family carry on her fight against brain tumors and cancer by participating in the SBTF Race for Research and raising as much money as possible for research.  

Because of you, Karen's Legacy has raised over $142,000.  This year we are poised to become the largest fundraiser ever in the history of the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation. 

Thank you for joining our team year after year and for advancing our effort to continue to raise funds for research. Thank you in advance for your support and we hope to see you September 16th!

If you can't be a part of our team at the race, please consider making a tax-deductible donation on behalf of the team or one of the team members.

On behalf of Karen and her family - thank you for your continued support!


Karen's Legacy 

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