The 18th Annual Race For Research


Team Comanzo

Hi's SBTF race for research time. It's been 9 years since Dick has walked with

How quickly time moves....... and they say time heals all .....but I know some days I and those who knew him miss him more. That ever present smile- always laughing and always funny but never at anyone's expense. That strong Italian nose and good looks.... Firm in his resolve but always kind, he always knew where he was going but he considered everyone  and everything along the way and somehow always ended up with a group at his destination. That was him.... always consistent ... always fun  and up for adventure but always thinking of others and making new friends everywhere he went....and that is the only way we remember him because that is what and who he was...period.

Thinking of others would also describe how he approached his illness...and the things he decided to spend his time on. One of them was the SBTF....raising funds for people that were not as fortunate as he was. Yes he had brain cancer...but he had the backing of his loved ones, friends, family and Coca Cola who supported him personally/emotionally and medically through this illness....but he knew others were not that "lucky".

 His family and friends have carried this torch in his honor and memory.  The effort he began crossed the $100,000 dollar line in terms of donations.  That milestone achievement was recognized through the naming of a Memorial Research Grant award in his name.

Last year the recipient of the Memorial Research grant award was recognized on stage.  The researcher was not only the recipient of an SBTF research grant funding,  but was the recipient of the “Dick Comanzo Memorial Award ”.   

 So Dick has a grant named after him which was presented to a researcher at Duke University which is where Dick was treated. He would be ecstatic and I wanted everyone who has supported him over the years to know that with your help he is still doing amazing things to help those who fight brain cancer.

On Saturday, September 16th, we run/walk again ....please join us at Atlantic Station for the run or donate or just think of us and send us some postive energy...whatever you can  and thanks for your support over the years really means a lot to him and it has meant a lot to all who continue on supporting TEAM COMANZO to keep his vision alive and do good for others fighting the brain cancer battle!



-Shawn Purcell

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