Race For Research 2018

.Joggin for Noggins 2017
.Joggin for Noggins 2017

Joggin' For Noggins

Please join Team Joggin' for Noggins at the Race for Research 5K on September 22nd.  This is the 4th year we will be participating in this race to honor Laurie Reed as she battles brain cancer.  

Here is why your participation either by joining us or donating is so absolutely critical. The average Survival Rate for patients with Glioblastoma is 15 months with only 5% of those patients surviving 5 years.  This is simply just not acceptable! It is the 6th leading cause of cancer deaths in the world, yet is still not one of the top funded. 

Because of money invested in both Breast and Prostate cancer, their death rates have dropped dramatically.  Now for Breast Cancer almost 90% of the patients are surviving at 5 years and for Prostate Cancer, 99% of patients see the 5 year mark.  We need to get Brain Cancer to those rates, and we can if we all work together!!

Please check out my personal page to hear my journey through this long battle. Without your support, I couldn't have made it this far.  Please consider joining Team Joggin for Noggins and walking with us that day. 

If you can’t, please consider donating to the team.  Even a small amount when combined with others can make a tremendous impact.  You can join the team or donate from the buttons right on this page.  I hope to see many of you on race day! 





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