Race For Research 2018

Team "HOPE"

I've lived with this disease for 10 years now.  Some say I am among the lucky ones . . . Brain cancer can kill, brain tumors can maime. 

This disease wrecked me financially, physically, emotionally, but it did not steal my spirit, my soul, my purpose. 

Walking, talking, standing, sitting, writing, sleeping, eating are all difficult for me now. I've lost the site in one eye and hearing in one ear, but again I'm among the lucky ones. . .

My purpose in life has become advancing awareness about this disease and it's affect on human life.  My soul yearns for a change in treatment, in outcomes, and in survival rates. I'm 10 years into this disease/diagnosis and I'm not giving up HOPE that we will impact change.

We must impact change in treatment outcomes, we must band together to find a #CURE, and we must continue to give each other HOPE for a future without brain tumors.  This disease strikes indiscriminantly and without much warning.  Trust me, #braintumorssuck!  

My fight . .  our fight!

#awareness, #nevergiveup, #research, #funding, #cure


Please come out to Race For Research on Saturday, September 22, 2018 and help me celebrate my 10th year of life post diagnosis & surger(ies) and my 10th consecutive year of participation.  If you can't attend, please consider a donation - every dollar matters!

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