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UAB Blazing Ahead 2017
UAB Blazing Ahead 2017

UAB Blazing Ahead

Anita Hjelmeland is a two-time SBTF research grant recipient!  Her first research grant from the SBTF was a post-doctoral fellowship awarded in 2005. 

Her second SBTF research grant award occurred after establishing her laboratory at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 


 In 2017, Dr. Hjelmeland received the Jerry Zucker Memorial Award for her project titled “Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibition to Improve Glioblastoma Standard of Care”. 

The SBTF grant funds received from the 2017 project have led the research team to believe "an identified drug combination could improve patient outcomes when glioblastomas are sensitive to chemotherapy.”  


Team UAB Blazing Ahead is doing just that. . .the researchers of the Hjelmeland lab are working tirelessly to advance curative treatments for brain tumors & brain cancers. 

If you’re looking for a team to support, join our team and help us to raise funds for brain tumor research  . . . and thanks for your support.

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