Race For Research 2018

Ansley Golf Club Research Award 2018
Ansley Golf Club Research Award 2018

Ansley Golf Club

Brain tumor research projects are moving forward because of Ansley Golf Club members.  We have impacted, and continue to impact, the lives of others who have endured the news of a brain tumor diagnosis. 

Ansley members have lost loved ones to brain cancer, and Ansley members are living with a brain tumor diagnosis.  While we support each other emotionally through this journey, we also support those who we don’t’ know by raising funds for much needed brain tumor research. 

Since 2012, Ansley members have donated nearly $145,000 toward brain tumor research & because of this achievement, the Ansley Golf Club Research Award will be presented at this year’s Race For Research.  Ansley members are making a difference. 

Please consider joining the Ansley Team at this year’s Race by registering for the 5K, the 1K or sign your children up for the Tot Trot.  If you can’t attend physically, you can also register as a “phantom runner”.  Better still you can simply make a donation by clicking the “donate” button now.

  • This is a disease where no two diagnosis’ are the same
  • No two treatments are the same
  • This disease affects everything from thinking, to standing, to walking, to talking.  
  • An estimated 79,000 people will receive a primary brain tumor diagnosis in 2018.  
  • Approximately 50,000 of those be a benign tumor, and about 26,000 will be malignant. 

Please consider participating in this year's Race For Research on Saturday, September 22, 2018 at Atlantic Station in Midtown Atlanta.

Thank you

Bobbie Bell


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