Race For Research 2018

Lynne Elster
Lynne Elster

Team Baruch HaShem

Thank you for considering walking or running with us to honor our Mom’s legacy. Anyone that had the absolute pleasure of meeting Lynne Elster would agree she was a force of nature. When in Brooklyn on a mother daughter trip, we found a pillow that said “I am certainly not boring”. Mom was anything but boring! She spent her life helping others whether you were lucky to be in her immediate family, a close friend, a charity she helped, or the waiter in a restaurant - she changed you and in some way, helped you solve an issue or become a better person.

Prior to her diagnosis, Mom had spent the last 8 summers in Israel volunteering for Sar-El, a volunteer program in Israel where she packed medical kits that saved the lives of the IDF soldiers. The brain tumor and unfortunately the medications rapidly took away a lot of my mom’s spirit. It was heartbreaking to see so much of who she was taken away so rapidly.

Knowing my mom, she would be the first one to donate to this cause and then have everyone she knows know about it and at the race. Please consider honoring her by joining us as we walk or run in her honor. And if you can’t join us, please consider a small donation. Clinical research is so important in understanding this specific type of aggressive cancer. Also, what nobody talks about too is the journey the family goes through together and the much needed support families needed. Donations help both research and support for families. Mom always said “Baruch HaShem” which means Thank you G-d and we are so thankful to have had the most incredible mom and grandma in the world. 

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