Race For Research 2018

Babes with Brains

Three thousand, six hundred and sixty two days agoI underwent brain surgery. 

A lot has happened since then, but over-all it's been pretty damn spectacular.

My most recent MRI felt different, like a cosmic freaky “got the feels” kind of way. I do believe you just know.  A faint blanket of peace had fallen over me and I could feel it, I could sense the change and I knew what it was. Oddly, I had no fear, there was no panic, it was a sense of peace an acceptance for the reality I knew and understood.

What I had sensed was confirmed; it's back, it's grown, and it needs to be removed. I am emotional, but I am stable and most importantly, I am grounded. 

I will be unable to physically attend this year's Race For Research but you can bet I'll be cheering from the sidelines.  This is my team's twelfth consecutive year of participation.  I'm hoping you'll take up the charge and represent Babes with Brains 2018 while I recover from brain surgery. 

It truly takes a village and I/we are blessed beyond measure by those of you who are part of our village. 

Cheers -



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