Race For Research 2018

Team Lucky
Team Lucky

Team Lucky Dog

Thank you so much for visiting Team Lucky Dog's page!

My name is Lucky and I would like to take a minute to tell you about my partner Vera.   Vera is such an awesome person.  She gives me plenty of kibble and takes me on awesome adventures!  In return I let her know when she is really salty (aka low cortisol). 

You see, Vera had a nasty little tumor in her head that caused a lot of trouble.  The good people at Mayo Clinic helped get rid of it but my bestest buddy still has a few issues.  

Vera and my other best buddy Tim have decided to help raise money for other folks with tumors in their heads.   With your help we hope the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foudation can help fund much needed research along with other worthwile projects.  

Thank you so much for helping!

For all the other service dogs out there:  bark bark! drool drool! woof woof! sigh


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