Race For Research 2018

Phil Jory
Phil Jory

Team Jory

The Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation was founded back in 1995 by a family who was struggling with a brain tumor diagnosis.  A family who had no idea of where to turn for clinical help or for family support to discuss treatment for their young son.  The Warshaw family helped to establish the SBTF back in 1995 when less was known about cancers in general, let alone knowing about brain tumors & brain cancers.  

This is a picture of Phil Jory, my beloved husband who lost his life to this disease in 1998.  His passing became my beacon to fight this disease.  My passion to advocate against this disease evolved into Board membership at the SBTF where we worked tirelessly to impact change.

Here we are nearly 20 years later and I'm still fighting for awareness, fighting for funding, and fighting for advancements which can combat this disease.  My amazing husband, Phil Jory, became a casualty of this disease.  As you might expect, my world collapsed with his passing  and hasn't been the same since.

My life changed but my passion for fighting this disease only strengthen, I hope you'll join me, and the other teams this year as we band together in the fight against this life altering and life threatening disease.



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