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So what does the Rubber Duck Mean?

All race participants will be provided a rubber duck as part of their Dash swag. The challenge is to keep up the duck with you at all times during the dash. We joke that your rubber duck is racing – you are just getting it to the finish line! Your duck can only complete the course on your person. Take care of your duck, love it, care for it, and help it get to the finish line! It must be safely in your possession at all times! Make your duck proud!


7:00 AM:  The FUN kicks off with Registration Opening, the Duck-o-Rating Table gets ‘quackin and the Team Nest Decorating Begins!

  • When you register for the Dash, you will be given a yellow rubber duck as part of your Dash registration either during packet pick up the day before the Dash or on the morning of Dash day.
  • We will have a Duck-o-Rating Tent located in Central Flock. You can either decorate your duck prior to arriving on Dash Day or you can decorate it at the Dash!
  • There will be a small craft table set up with paints and markers and participants are encouraged to decorate their duck prior to their assigned heat start time. Paint it, dress it up, Sharpie it, etc. 
  • If you want to bring your duck along for the Dash, don’t worry! There will be additional ducks at the Duck-O-Rating Tent for you to participate in the contest
  • To enter your duck in the contest, please be sure to register it at the Duck-o-rating tent.
  • Place your decorated duck on the display table for voting. The earlier your duck finds a spot on the table, the better.  Your decorated duck myst be submitted no later than 10:15am.
  • Voting will take place at the Duck-o-rating tent. Cast your ballot - only one ballot per Dash participant please!
  • The winners will be announced at the DJ booth after the Duckling Dash at approximately 11:30 am
Don’t forget to bring your best creative, Pinterest or Instagram ideas. NOTE: if you want any special items and/or accessories to decorate your duck, please bring those with you, as we will be providing very limited items.

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