The Duckling Dash is a limited section (approx. 1.2 mile) of the full Muddy Duck Dash 5k course to encourage youth fitness and family activity. Parents are welcome to participate beside their Ducklings and offer assistance. The starting line will be at the same location as for the full course. And, OF COURSE, the Slip-n-Slide is part of their course!

Please note: If you plan to participate in the 5k Dash, please choose a starting wave for you that allows you to finish prior to the Duckling Dash warm-up at 10:45am so you can assist your child.

Kids of any age are welcome to register for the full 5K (approx 3.2 mile) Dash. If the parents feel they are capable – age does not limit anyone from the Muddy Duck Dash. Anyone of any age is able to skip any obstacle for which they do not feel comfortable completing. We invite Ducklings eight years or younger to participate in the Duckling Dash but are happy to welcome any age if their ability does not fit our 5K Dash.

The cost is $25 for the Duckling Dash until July 20, 2021 at 11:59pm EST and then $35 on Packet Pickup or Dash Day. Participants will receive a rubber duck, swag item and finisher's medal.


mdd duckling dash     mdd duckling dash