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Do you have a group who wants to get muddy? This is Quacking Good News!

If you want to create a team and become the team captain, click the "Create a Team" box. If you want to join an existing team, click the "Join a Team" box to search for the team and join the fun!

MDD Create a Team           MDD Join a Team


You can also join an existing team during the registration process, just follow the prompts! You can register yourself and your family at that time and choose your team.

Create a fun team name and turn it into your own flock!

Below are few details a team captain needs to know about forming a team for the Muddy Duck Dash. It is easy and we are here to help! Don't worry! We will be sending details as we go along to help guide you, but this will give you a better idea of what to expect. Here are a few benefits of creating a FLOCK:
  1. Team Tents: New in 2021!! Once you register your team, an email will be sent asking if you'd like to reserve a team tent location inside Central Flock. Central Flock is an amazing place to hang out before and after the Dash. We offer any team a spot to erect their own 10x10ft tent to become your home nest.
  2. Team Spirit Award: New in 2021!! Team Tent Spirit Award recognizes the top three teams who display their greatest team tent spirit on Dash day. Each year we choose three winners based on creativity, unity and enthusiasm. The number of participants is not a factor, we simply look for the team to be energetic! The teams are judged and the winners announced during the event.
  3. Team Fundraiser Award: New in 2021!! Top team fundraising awards recognize the top three teams who raise the most money as tallied at 11:59pm EST on July 23rd, the evening before Dash Day. We will take time to recognize your team's achievement and support of the SBTF's mission to find a cure for brain tumors. As team captain, we will give you a moment to speak at Central Flock on behalf of your team if desired.
  4. Team Packet Pickup: When registering, we offer the option for you to select "team packet pickup." This is a service we offer to teams to help them avoid lines on Dash morning. It eases the process of getting your team ready by having the ducks, swag and all other information for the entire team in one box. This allows ALL registered team members to skip the lines at registration on Dash morning and just meet you to get their items. You do not have to have a tent to choose this option.
  • How many people do I need to have to form a team? It can be two or more.
  • Do I have to sign each of my team members for the Dash? NO! You can send the link to the individuals and they can join your team as they complete the registration process.
  • Can we all be in the same wave? When you share your team's name, don't forget to also share your starting wave time. If they register and that wave time is full, have them pick the closest time to your starting time. Each wave has a limited number of spots, so don't delay in registering!
  • Do we have to all be in the same wave? No. Each member of your team can start the Dash at any of the starting wave times.
  • Can I check if my team has selected a tent location and/or packet pickup? Yes, check out the list of participating teams.
Need help? Unsure how to ask people to join your team? How to update your personal page? How to ask friends and family to support you with a donation? Don't worry, as we said, we won't leave you flapping in the wind! Check out our GUIDE with verbiage and image ideas.
Okay! I'm ready to start my own FLOCK!

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