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Captains, please be sure to communicate with your team members.

Let them know where your spot will be located and if you reserved packet pickup.



  • Set up commences at 6:30 am Saturday
  • Tents may not be larger than 10x10 feet
  • Tent, chairs, tables and other items are provided by the team
  • Tents may not be staked or tied down
  • Weights or sand is highly recommended as the location is windy between buildings
  • Grills or other heat generating equipment are not allowed
  • Pets are not allowed in tent row or the Race venue
  • Trash must be collected and disposed of properly
  • Tents may not be placed on sidewalks
  • Tent areas must be clean and tents removed by 11:00 am when streets reopen
  • Tents must be set up in the assigned area. No other areas are permitted by Atlantic Station.
  • A site map showing tent locations can be downloaded here
  • Be sure to share your tent location so your team members can find you
  • Decorate your tent and show your team spirit (examples)


  • All team members who completed on-line registration will be included in your packet and does NOT need to visit the registration pickup table on Race morning
  • Any team member who registered after midnight September 22nd will NOT be included in your packet
  • Race day shirts will NOT be included in your packet in 2022, each participant will take their bib to the shirt table anytime during the event to pick up a shirt
  • Packet will include all Race bibs and pins for those registered on your team
  • Packet will include any awards or ribbons won by a member of your team
  • The packet will be waiting for a representative of the team to pick it up at the Registration table

Team Spirit   



Team Location:
  • T1 - Whobaby
  • T2 - Karen's Legacy
  • T3 - #JoeStrong
  • T4 - No Brain, No Pain
  • T5 - Tiffany's Team
  • T6 - Team Emory
  • T7 - Team Margo
  • T8 - Leader of the Band
  • T9 - Team Comanzo
  • T10 - Piedmont Brain Tumor Center
  • T11 - The Diddlebugs
  • T12 - Peaceful Warriors
  • T13 - Miles for Deb's Smile
  • T14 - Will's Legacy
  • T15 - Hope for Heather
  • T16 - Team DenFeyer
  • T17 - The Burger Dancers
  • T18 - Running on a Cure 2010


  • Team DenFeyer
  • Mommy Power
  • Gray Matters
  • #JoeStrong
  • Karen's Legacy
  • Huffner
  • Piedmont Brain Tumor Center
  • The Diddlebugs
  • No Brain, No Pain
  • Hope for Heather
  • Miles for Deb's Smile
  • The Burger Dancers
  • Tiffany's Team
  • Team Margo
  • Team Comanzo
  • Leader of the Band
  • Peaceful Warriors
  • Will's Legacy
  • Team Tumor
  • Whobaby
  • Team Emory
  • The Mighty Menehunes
  • Team Terrance
  • Astrocytoma Kickers
  • Barry's Team Braveheart
  • YoYo's Brain Reign Overcomers
  • Margie's Wonder Warriors
  • Tommy's Tumor


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*Updated 9/22/22. If your team is not listed and you believe it should be on any of the lists above, please contact us.