Race for Research 2019

Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation
Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation

Team Anna Bananna

Anna was diagnosed at 16 with a stage IV Pineoblastoma. Anna is now 23, blind, and cognitively damaged from her tumor and the treatments to save her life. 

Through her story I HOPE we all might be inspired, educated, and empowered to advocate for, and to impact, change against this disease.  Things to know about Anna: 

1. Her tumor is listed on the Genetic and Rare Diseases site. 

2. We knew she might die in surgery, but had no idea she could possibly come out blind.

3. Anna was symptomatic and in some degree of pain for well over a year before diagnosis.

4. We saw 3 pediatricians in the same practice, 2 orthopedists, and a neurologist, all who missed the tumor. It was a trip to the ER to finally get a diagnosis and the physician nailed it in less than 5 minutes.

5. We found out later that the "episode" that prompted us to take Anna in to the ER was actually a stroke. She had another stroke during her first surgery as well.

 6. Anna must have supervision 24/7 and we take care of her every single need. Thankfully we have amazing children who have assured us we have no worries about her care when we are gone.

7. There is a 60-65% 5 year survival rate for pineoblastomas. Anna is now at 6.5 years.

Please come out to the 20th Annual Race For Resaerch; help us educate others about this diagnosis, help advance awareness about this disease, and help us foster a greater understanding about the true impact of a brain tumor diagnosis.

Through our combined efforts we will make a difference; thank you!

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