2021 Race for Research

Kukui-the guardian angel
Kukui-the guardian angel

Mighty Menehunes

Everyone who lives in H’waii knows about the menehunes.  They complete great deeds across the Hawaiian Islands and are often called "the little people of secret power".  

The Mighty Menehune is industrious.  A master builder capable of completing major projects in a single night. Legend has it menuhunes are also excellent archers and are known to also use their magic powers (and magical arrows) to pierce the heart of angry people to ignite feelings of love instead.

Menehunes take great pleasure in performing good deeds which benefits others. Like the Menehune, the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation works tirelessly to accomplish great deeds such as funding of brain tumor research.  The Foundation leaders, as well as their constituents, work diligently to raise funds for, and to raise awareness of, the need to support brain tumor research. 

Remember your brain is the central organ which allows you to think, to breath, to stand, to talk, to walk,  to smile, to love and to hope. Your brain is critical life.

The Mighty Menehunes have banded together to help raise funds for the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation.  If you believe in performing great deeds, are industrious, are a person of great strength, and enjoy accomplishing mighty feats, you are a Mighty Menehune too.

Please consider a donation to the SBTF and help us to fund brain tumor research - Donate now to The Mighty Menehunes and help us to continue to accomplish great deeds.  Join us and be a menehune too.


Aloha, ahui hou (see you later)

Kukui,available at www.hawaiianmenehunecollectibledolls.com

PS:   did you know - For over a decade, the SBTF has become a well-known fundraising entity supporting critical, cutting edge brain tumor research at major medical centers in the Southeast. Our annual Race for Research held in Atlanta, Georgia each year is our main fundraising event which has been responsible for over $2.9 million dollars in brain and spinal tumor research grants to leading researchers at major medical centers throughout the Southeast over the past decade.  Through your financial support, we can work together to not only provide critical brain tumor research grants, but also to impart hope to thousands of patients and families facing this insidious disease.

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