2021 Race for Research

Phil Jory
Phil Jory

Team Jory

The SBTF was founded back in 1995 by a family who was struggling with a brain tumor diagnosis.  A family who had no idea of where to turn for clinical help or for family support to discuss treatment for their young son.  The Warshaw family helped establish the SBTF in 1995 when less was known about cancers in general, let alone about brain tumors & brain cancers.  

The Jory family became involved with the Foundation shortly after the incorporation of the SBTF. Their involvement was on multiple levels. Phil, pictured, was a brain tumor patient, and Virginia a staunch brain tumor advocate. Virginia was elected to the SBTF Board of Directors in 1999 and served as the Research Grant Committee Chair. She was also involved in various other projects, like the launch of the SBTF website, the organization of various fundraisers and the successful production of Race For Research.

The Foundation successes, which Virginia initiated over the years, like Race For Research, are still going strong today.  This year Team Jory celebrates their 22nd year of participation in Race for Research and is one of two teams who have participated at Race For Research since inception.     

With your help we will continue to work toward finding a cure -




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