2021 Race for Research

Angels of Nature
Angels of Nature


Hello, my dear, dear friends! I miss you all so much!

Since we last saw each other, I celebrated my 13-year Craniversary! Yep, thirteen years ago life changed in an instant and it never changed back to what others might consider "normal".

Walking, talking, eating, living, everything changed for me 13 years ago.  I had to learn to talk again and to walk again post-surgery. When I was finally walking again, I learned about Race For Research and set my sites on participating in the 5K.  Granted I may have been a little over zealous in thinking I could walk a 5K, but I've always been one to set my sites high.  

I don't necessarily walk the entire 5K, but I've been at the race for the past twelve years.  This year's race is just around the corner and I hope you'll join me.  Please consider registering to walk with me.   Your registration fees and/or any monies donated will help fund brain tumor research. I greatly appreciate your support over the years.  

Butterflies are nature's angels. They remind us what a gift it is to be alive - Robyn Nola .

Thankful for life, and thankful for you
/Christi (CiCi)
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OFFLINE DONATIONS: Donations by check may be sent along with the offline donation form to the SBTF.

13th Year Team

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