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Atlantic Station, Atlanta, GA
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Together, we will find a cure.

Founded in 1995, our organization was created to offer support to the brain tumor community and to raise funds to advance research into brain tumors. We fund scientific research and investigator-initiated clinical trials focused on finding a cure for brain tumors. Through the years, we have proudly awarded almost $3,000,000 in research grants. We believe seed funding will foster the continued development of emerging concepts, treatments, and therapies. We hope the projects funded by the SBTF might be a springboard from which researchers will garner additional data resulting in publications and recognition which has the potential to secure support from larger funding agencies.
The Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation also hosts support group meetings designed to give patients, as well as their families and caregivers, access to information and resources to aid navigation of the brain tumor journey.
The Foundation has expanded its vision to offer scholarships to those impact by a brain tumor diagnosis, offer additional support resources, provide patient services and acts of kindness, and provide Care Bags to current patients. 
We partner with other brain tumor organizations to identify, uncover, collect and review research grant proposals. We don't care who finds the cure, just that a cure is found.
Learn more about the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation by visiting our website