Keeping Your Safety in Mind  (updated 1/31/22)
We care about our brain tumor community and our top priority is the health and safety of our participants, staff and volunteers.
As the Foundation prepares for the Race for Research, we are keeping a close eye on guidance statements issued from the CDC and/or the City of Atlanta's Mayor's Office of Special Events regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of variants as it pertains to outdoor events.
Race participants, staff and volunteers will not be required to mask but may do so at their discretion.
Hand sanitizing stations will be avalible on site.
We are planning on holding the event as a face-to-face event in Atlantic Station on September 24, 2022. If you do not feel comfortable joining us, please consider registering as a virtual participant to show your support.
We are evaluating adjustments to our typical run-of-show to allow for greater safety of our participants.
Prior to the event the Foundation will announce any changes to policies or procedures which affects our participants and the status of the event.
This could include, but is not limited, to the following:
  • Greater spacing between team tents
  • Recommending masks for all participants and volunteers
  • Starting wave corrals to add separation among particpants
  • Live streaming the awards ceremony
  • Masking all staff and volunteers
  • Providing masks to all participants
  • Reducing water stations along the course
  • Offering hand sanitization stations at the event
  • Other safety measures as suggested by the CDC